04. Menya Musashi 麺屋武蔵

Continuing my (somewhat spontaneous and self-declared) Japanese Food Hunt, I visited Menya Musashi (麺屋武蔵) on tuesday! While I do like ramen, I normally don’t eat ramen in Singapore. Moreover, whenever I do eat ramen, I end up getting so full that my meal usually accounts for lunch and dinner, which is what happened this time round as well.

Menya Musashi is a recently opened establishment in Singapore, and apparently they are really famous in Japan! Not that I’ve tried from the Menya Musashi in Tokyo though. The interior decor is impressive! I felt like I was transported back into Japan again. The only think I thought was missing was the lack of counter seats (カウンター席), which in my opinion is the best way to sit when enjoying ramen. I have yet to come across a Ramenya with counter seats in Singapore. Or maybe it’s just that I haven’t been to many yet.

Considering that tuesday was a public holiday, there was quite a queue when we reached. While waiting for latecomers, the queue just grew longer and longer. As we were quite a big group of 14, it took us a while to finally get seated and have our meal. The menu was pretty simple, you could choose between ramen or tsukemen, a type of broth (red, black and white), and finally the type of meat you want on your ramen, the normal Japanese cha shu or kakuni (角煮) . They were currently having a promotion where you could order up to 5 times the amount of tsukemen for free! But it must be finished by one person and cannot be shared. So those of you who have big appetites should head there to check it out!

I ordered a Black Cha Shu ramen (黒チャーシューラーメン) because the waiter said that the black one had garlic in it and I’m a sucker for garlic. The red one is just the white broth but a spicier version. Most of us ordered the one with the black broth though, maybe because we rarely see ramen with black broth and it did indeed look yummy!

I really loved the saltiness of the broth. Was a little disappointed that the egg wasn’t as soft-boiled as how ramen eggs usually are, but overall it was really good. The broth is rather thick and a little oily though, so after a while you might get a little 腻 of it. The greens were an odd touch in my opinion, as it didn’t really go with the broth, but seemed to have been added to give you the illusion that you’re eating healthy (while eating ramen whoo!) The cha siew was nice, and the raw onion toppings complemented the ramen well, as it usually does. Overall, worth a try if you like your ramen with a thick broth!

My friends however, said that Nantsuttei Ramen at Millenia Walk was better though. I haven’t tried the ramen there yet, so maybe I will go one day! Or next week, or maybe tomorrow… Also, coming from friends who ate the tsukemen, it was strange that the shop chose to serve the tsukemen broth in a normal bowl rather than a stone one. If you’ve eaten tsukemen in Japan before, you will notice that they will put the broth in a stone bowl in order to prevent it from turning cold (which it does fairly easily in a normal bowl) so that you can enjoy piping hot broth everytime you dip your noodles in. Menya Musashi were kind enough to change the cooled broth was asked though, but I find it a bit of a waste. Perhaps they should just use stone bowls the next time!

That said, I do think that it’s worth at least a trip down. The price is around $15-20, depending on what you ordered, and the location is very convenient too, just a minute’s walk from City Hall MRT. But for me, I’ll continue trying out the other ramen (and Japanese food) places around Singapore~v(^_^v)♪ Will talk about Tsukune Ichigo and Yakitori Enmaru the next time!


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