07. Things I want to do

Ever since I came back from Japan, I’ve had a lot of time to think about things. Mainly what I was doing right now, and what was it that I really wanted to do.

How many of us are actually doing what we really want to do? And not stuck somewhere learning something we don’t want to learn or in a job we dread to head for in the morning? We say that there’ll always be time in the future to do it, but in the end it either sits quietly at the back of our mind, gathering dust or it eats away at us all the time, bugging us to do something about it.

I want to learn house. And breaking. And improve my Japanese proficiency. And meet up more frequently with old friends. Find someone I can talk to about anything in the world. Go to Japan again. And again. Spend more time with my family. Try all the cider and beer in the world. Pick up another language. Be proficient in it. Be happy. Be nicer to people. Drink more. Dance more. Did I mention that I really want to learn house?

The list gets even longer and more impractical.

But things start small. If I never take that first step, I will forever be letting all these wants waste away. And I’m feeling so restless now. That nagging need to do something, anything. Might as well be something that I really want to do.