13. Stop waiting.

I have probably spent a good quarter of my life waiting. Waiting for someone to turn up. Waiting for someone to reply. Waiting for something to start. And it’s not the kind of passive waiting when you’re doing something else constructive, but the kind where the main thing you’re doing is waiting.

That’s a lot of time wasted.

Some things cannot be helped. Some delays are inevitable in life. You just need to know when it’s not acceptable and when to stop waiting.

Alas, for matters of the heart. It’s easier said than done. The nerve-wrecking seconds agonizingly pass by, feeling as if they were hours instead.

Oh how I wish it’d stop.


12. Life

If possible, all I want to do in life is curl up with a good book, drink good whiskey, listen to house and eat cake.

Since forever isn’t plausible, just now will do.
That aside, 偉そうな人が一番大嫌い。