21. Kent Ridge Hall Dance Production 2013

So I went to watch KR DP today! And here’s my review of it hahaha.
Disclaimer: I’m speaking from the perspective of someone who has dance/choreography experience so I might be slightly more nitpicky then the layman >_>

Overall I liked it quite a bit! It was my first time watching a dance production in full; Dance Uncensored (DU) doesn’t really count and for Eusoff DP I was dancing in it so it doesn’t count as well. What I really liked was how all the items came together with a central theme and storyline. I also liked how some items overlapped with each other, which you would not see in a performance like DU. I also unexpectedly saw familiar faces from Blast! days hahaha.

Choreography-wise, the contemp items were really strong. Dancers’ lines were pretty, stunts were awesome to look at, and emotions were really there. Did I mention that lines were really pretty? *___* The only downside was that I personally felt that there were too many contemp items in the second half. In fact I only seemed to recall that the only hiphop item was the red berets/army one? Or the dubstep one. Oh dear memory is failing me ahem. Doesn’t help that the booklet doesn’t provide information on specific items and their choreos aha. While the themes for the items in the second half were kind of different, like sadness, frustration, suicidal thoughts, love and such, I felt that it was a little bit too similar? Was hoping for a change of pace midway. But skills and techniques definitely present. KR really has strong contemp dancers. \o/

Hip hop items were varied. Some were really good, and I really liked the energy from most of the dancers that were blocked in front. Keep seeing the same faces in hip hop items though haha. And what I liked was that even though some dancers weren’t really as good as their counterparts, they had the attitude and energy. Of course there were a few black sheep, which I was quite quick to spot (sorry being nitpicky again), but really good job for most of the dancers. Your technique and skills will definitely wow people off-stage, but in a performance your emotions and energy matter just as much, if not more.

Sadly the crowd today was mad up mostly of families and non-hiphop dancers(I assume), because there was very little (okay none at all) cheering which you would normally hear when hip hop dancers do their thing. I felt like an idiot cheering(quietly) and clapping(silently) to myself when I was watching the hip hop items >_< They needed so much more love and appreciation SIGH. Unfortunately I'm too shy to be the only one cheering so sorry people ;_;

The one thing I did feel after watching KR DP is the urge to DANCE. This always happens after I watch a good dance show/production. It always inspires me to work harder and dance better. Can't wait for dance prac tomorrow! *INSERTS SHAMELESS PLUG* I will be dancing in the combined hall dance item in DU on 10th and 11th April at NUS UCC so if you’re free please come early(6pm or something) to queue up and get free tickets to watch me thank you~~ It’s really my last dance performance in NUS and I hope to make it a good one. (:


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