23. Hell week

Week 12 in NUS is usually called Hell Week because it’s during this week where all your modules have assignment or essay deadlines, presentations, examinations and other CA components which consist of a large percentage of your final grade. In my case, I also had Dance Uncensored 2013 tech runs, full dress rehearsals and the actual show during this week as well. Which wasn’t that unmanageable considering that I’m taking only 3 modules this semester (though the workload is about the same as 5. Never ever take 2 Japanese modules in the same semester if you want to survive, especially not with Japanese 6 under Chiba Sensei as one of them).

So everything was fine and dandy until my unfortunate accident on stage during Wednesday’s performance. It was halfway through the performance after the first song and during the blackout, when my mouth collided into someone else’s head with enough force to cut my upper lip quite badly. Tiny bit of flesh was hanging out and was bleeding into my own mouth for a while. >_< Thankfully after my item I had a nursing friend help me nurse the wound (they didn't even have a first aid kid on hand backstage wtf), so it's healing nicely right now. I just hope it won't scar that badly. /:

Obviously I panicked, because I had my Japanese oral AND a presentation on Thursday before the last DU show, and I wasn't sure at that point in time whether I could speak properly or not. I couldn't really enunciate properly because I couldn't close my lips together as that meant the wound would come into contact with my lower lips. And I have to be honest, but I was thinking of using my wound as an excuse to not do oral because I was quite nervous about it.

In the end, I'm happy to say that I did both my oral and my presentation. My enunciation was a bit strange, but I'm glad that I didn't run away from my responsibilites. Oral turned out to be quite fun, Chiba sensei even said that we were 一番楽しそうなグループ (the group which looked like we were enjoying ourselves the most). My oral group members were really nice! We practiced quite a bit before and decided to help each other out for the discussion and debate. As for the presentation, we had distingushed guests from Kikkoman, CLAIR Singapore and Mitsubishi Shoji so I was nervous and embarrased for presenting in front of them when I wasn't in my top form, but I am glad that I made the last minute decision to do so. Am really grateful for all my group members who were willing to cover for me too, just in case.

After both, I went back to perform for DU. It really was my last chance in NUS to dance and I couldn't just let it go. Most of the people I knew already came to watch me on Wednesday, but for me the reason is simple, I have always danced because I wanted to dance, not because I want others to watch me dance. Getting people to watch me is just a bonus. To me, there is no meaning if you dance for other people but you don't feel anything for dance itself. If that's the case, it will turn into a meaningless form of entertainment. This doesn't mean that I'm not grateful to those who have supported my all these years for my dance performances; I truly am. But it is because I dance to express myself, I dance because I like moving to the music, I dance because I love to dance, that I am proud that my family and friends can come to watch me do something I love. And that is when I dance for them as well.

But dance never needs to be complicated. People should stop thinking too much, and just dance.

And so hell week is over. It wasn't that bad this time. One more final week to go, before it really is goodbye.


22. Uma Uma Ramen うま馬ラーメン

うま馬ラーメンはうまっ! (Uma uma ramen wa uma!)

Okay I’m sorry for the oyaji gag. Couldn’t resist.

Anyway Gwen and I headed down to try Uma Uma Ramen at Forum the shopping mall today, because her friend said it was better than Menya, and Menya is my current favourite ramen in Singapore. And… we didn’t choose the original ramen but kind of shared the Tonkotsu Ramen ($14++) and Mazesoba ($14++) between the both of us.

2013-04-05 14.24.34Gweena♥ With mazesoba in front of her and ramen in front of me.

2013-04-05 23.19.08Can we eat yet? D:

Ok so we spent like 5 whole minutes trying to take the perfect ramen photo and the cooks and waiters were kind of really amused at us. ^^ When I talked to one of them after the meal he even asked me “写真取りました?” (Did you manage to take your photo?)

Moving on to the ramen review! Well, to be honest I still prefered Menya Musashi’s ramen, but I think that’s because it’s a very different style of ramen altogether? The Tonkotsu ramen had thin noodles, and the broth was light. For Menya’s ramen, one sip of the broth would send me into bliss, but I can never finish eating the bowl of ramen because it’s too 腻(ni). For Uma Uma’s Tonkotsu ramen I could have finished the whole bowl (but I had a very heavy breakfast so I didn’t >_<). You can tell that the broth had a lot of effort in it if you don’t stop at the first sip. Also, the Mazesoba was really interesting. The soba noodles reminded me of the Chinese yellow noodles somehow, but the overall texture (with the poached egg omg♥) matched really well together.

What I like about Uma Uma’s ramen is that the flavour of the both dishes were more subtle. As you continue with each bite the flavour grows on you. Which was why when I suddenly switched from the soba to the ramen and back to the soba the taste somehow changed. I wouldn’t recommend you to share if you ever go there but just concentrate on your own bowl and let the flavour set in. I can also see why Singaporeans might not like this kind of Hakata style ramen as compared to the thicker and stronger flavours of Menya Musashi and Marutama. It all boils down to preference. If you prefer a lighter broth you should definitely try Uma Uma ramen. I’m planning to head back soon to try the signature dish because I liked the atmosphere of the restaurant! They were all very friendly people :3