22. Uma Uma Ramen うま馬ラーメン

うま馬ラーメンはうまっ! (Uma uma ramen wa uma!)

Okay I’m sorry for the oyaji gag. Couldn’t resist.

Anyway Gwen and I headed down to try Uma Uma Ramen at Forum the shopping mall today, because her friend said it was better than Menya, and Menya is my current favourite ramen in Singapore. And… we didn’t choose the original ramen but kind of shared the Tonkotsu Ramen ($14++) and Mazesoba ($14++) between the both of us.

2013-04-05 14.24.34Gweena♥ With mazesoba in front of her and ramen in front of me.

2013-04-05 23.19.08Can we eat yet? D:

Ok so we spent like 5 whole minutes trying to take the perfect ramen photo and the cooks and waiters were kind of really amused at us. ^^ When I talked to one of them after the meal he even asked me “写真取りました?” (Did you manage to take your photo?)

Moving on to the ramen review! Well, to be honest I still prefered Menya Musashi’s ramen, but I think that’s because it’s a very different style of ramen altogether? The Tonkotsu ramen had thin noodles, and the broth was light. For Menya’s ramen, one sip of the broth would send me into bliss, but I can never finish eating the bowl of ramen because it’s too 腻(ni). For Uma Uma’s Tonkotsu ramen I could have finished the whole bowl (but I had a very heavy breakfast so I didn’t >_<). You can tell that the broth had a lot of effort in it if you don’t stop at the first sip. Also, the Mazesoba was really interesting. The soba noodles reminded me of the Chinese yellow noodles somehow, but the overall texture (with the poached egg omg♥) matched really well together.

What I like about Uma Uma’s ramen is that the flavour of the both dishes were more subtle. As you continue with each bite the flavour grows on you. Which was why when I suddenly switched from the soba to the ramen and back to the soba the taste somehow changed. I wouldn’t recommend you to share if you ever go there but just concentrate on your own bowl and let the flavour set in. I can also see why Singaporeans might not like this kind of Hakata style ramen as compared to the thicker and stronger flavours of Menya Musashi and Marutama. It all boils down to preference. If you prefer a lighter broth you should definitely try Uma Uma ramen. I’m planning to head back soon to try the signature dish because I liked the atmosphere of the restaurant! They were all very friendly people :3


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