05. Flor Pâtisserie

I recently went down to one of my favourite cake shops, Flor Pâtisserie! I used to go there quite frequently before I left for Japan, but this was the first time I visited Flor after I came back. And the cakes are still as good as ever~ ♥

Helmed by Chef Yamashita, Flor specialises in French pastries with a Japanese twist. The shop at Duxton hill is also a cafe, where there are a few tables for you to sit and enjoy your cakes with tea. Apparently they have a branch at Takashimaya as well, but I’ve never been there. I really like the ambience of Flor as it gives a very fresh and sunny feeling, which compliment their colourful and awesome creations splendidly. Besides cakes, they also sell other baked goods like cookies and madeleines.

Baked goods on display~

When I popped by this time, I was a little disappointed that one of my favourite cakes that I was craving for wasn’t available, which was the Wakakusayama (若草山). I really miss good green tea cakes, and the combination of matcha and red bean and nama cream (生クリーム) can never go wrong! As a result, I settled for another of my favourites, the Waguri Millefeuille (和栗ミルフィーユ) and decided to try the ice cheese tart and the Fromage Blanc (フロマージュ ブラン), both of which I have never tried before.

Cute takeaway box!

Waguri Millefeuille (和栗ミルフィーユ) $6.80

Waguri Millefeuille is made from chestnut cream atop two slices of Mille-feuille sandwiching pastry cream.” It’s heaven in a cake! I love the taste of chestnut cream and the cream cake in the middle goes very well with the crispy pastry. The sweetened chestnuts on top complete the product. The only thing is, eating this with a fork might be a little bit difficult as the pastry is hard compared to the soft cream in the middle, resulting in the cream oozing out in different directions. So my recommended way of eating is to just use your hands and give it a big bite! You won’t regret it (;

Fromage Blanc (フロマージュ ブラン) $6.50

Fromage Blanc is a cheese mousse cake with blueberry cream atop a citrus almond tart base. Japanese people like to use the term rare cheese (レアチーズ), which basically refers to a cream cheese mixture or mousse that is not baked. If I’m not wrong, Lipton in Kyoto sells “Bake and no bake cheesecake”, which essentially means that part of the cheesecake has been baked, while the other bit is レアチーズ.

The tart base for this cake was really good, but somehow I found the cheese mousse, or the レアチーズ a little lacking. Perhaps it was too spongy for my liking. I prefer my レアチーズ creamier and heavier. Overall not a bad cake, but I would definitely choose others like Mango Pie (マンゴーパイ) and Strawberry Soufflé (苺スフレ) over this.

Ice cheese tart (アイスチーズタルト) $3.20

Basically, a cheese tart. I tried the original flavour and I quite liked it. The tart base was in my opinion a better pairing with the cream cheese than the biscuity cheesecake base most cheesecakes have, but it didn’t particularly strike me as strongly as Flor’s other cakes did. Perhaps I should try the other flavours next time. I didn’t notice they had Green tea yuzu! Will definitely go for that flavour next.

All in all, definitely a place to check out! The only possible hindrance would be the location, as it is quite a trek from the nearest MRT station (Tanjong Pagar). But I would definitely revisit Flor in the near future just to savour my favourite cakes. ♥ Other than Flor, the other Japanese pastry shop I like is k.ki at Ann Siang Hill! k.ki is slightly pricer though, but their creations are good too. Well, will leave k.ki for another day when my cake buddy comes back to Singapore, but til then~