16. Rurouni Kenshin Movie Review 「るろうに剣心」

It. Was. So. Good.


I actually only read the rurouni kenshin manga after news of the live action movie came out in Japan. I’ve heard of the manga from friends before, but somehow never got around to reading it until now. I should have read it sooner! The manga’s really good. Plot-wise it was thrilling enough, and the main female lead Kaoru wasn’t a demure damsel in distress that needed saving from Kenshin every time. Which I really appreciate because I hate whiny female leads that always cause trouble for everyone around them. Ahem.

Back to the movie, there were minor changes to the plot, probably because I think the director didn’t want to include so many characters. Poor Aoshi got taken out ): But it followed the manga storyline pretty accurately. I think that the cast was really strong. Satou Takeru really did a super good job of playing Kenshin, both his cheerful ‘oro’ rurouni side and his merciless battousai side. And I think he has improved a lot since I last saw him in Mei-chan no Shitsuji. Some of the reviews I heard about Takei Emi was that she wasn’t very good, but I think that she did a good job! (I’m also slightly biased, so sue me.) The problem I think lies with the director which made Kaoru seem like a damsel in distress, being unable to protect her own dojo, instead of Emi’s acting. Other characters like jin’e was well acted out too! I didn’t really like the casting choice for Yahiko though /:

Oh Satou Takeru ♥ Other than his acting skills I think he looks quite a lot like what I’d expect a real life Kenshin to be. *cue fangirl squeal* Okay maybe I was in love with Kenshin and not Satou Takeru himself hahaha. But still. ♥♥♥ Or maybe it’s just that I think the poofy host kind of hair doesn’t suit him at all. It makes him look like a チャラ男. Clean cut or very slightly styled suits him the best heh.

But overall it was a great movie. I would totally watch it again. And again.



09. Jiro Dreams of Sushi

Went to watch the documentary movie Jiro Dreams of Sushi today! It’s been a while since I watched a Japanese movie in Singapore theatres, so was looking forward to it. I heard about the restaurant from Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations around 2 years ago, and it’s one of my lifelong dreams to have a meal there. The price isn’t cheap though, from what i’ve heard it’s around 30,000 yen which is around 480 SGD? But Jiro is already 85 years old. D: I wonder how much longer he’s going to be in the kitchen. One thing I know for sure from watching the documentary is that until his body gives up on him, he will continue to make sushi, and continue to strive for perfection.

The kind of passion and self-discipline you see in Jiro is rarely seen these days. Most people give up too quickly; they don’t even bother to endure before complaining that’s it’s too difficult or it’s just not for them. Maybe it is just not for them, but if they don’t try they wouldn’t even know would they? We like to go by the safe route, the easy, high-paying job versus years of hard work slaving to constantly improve yourself. Jiro has been doing exactly that for close to 70 years, and he still thinks that he has not reached perfection because to him, he can’t possibly know what the level of perfection is. ほんまに偉いなー。 I wonder if I’d ever be able to find my craft like him.

On a somewhat completely unrelated note, they showed the trailer for Hotaru no Hikari the movie!!! Hotaru no Hikari is a Japanese drama that spanned 2 seasons, and it’s one of the funniest dramas I’ve ever watched. I’ve rewatched it once recently and it’s still as good. Can’t wait for the movie to come out~♥

We ended up eating Menya Musashi ramen after the movie! Well we were craving for Japanese food but the shop at Plaza Sing doesn’t really serve good Japanese sushi so we settled on ramen. Mhmmm it was a fufilling lunch. Ate exactly the same thing as I did the first time! Black char shuu ramen 黒チャーシューラーメン~! I’ve tried Ippudo and Marutama ramen but I still like Menya Musashi best! As of now that is. x)