19. Swedish House Mafia One Last Tour in Singapore

It was so amazing.

To be honest, it was way beyond my expectations. Having seen videos of SHM performing in Europe, I wondered if the energy level in Singapore could ever match up with that of Europe. And because it was held in the Singapore Indoor Stadium, we had designated seats. However when SHM came on at 9:15, almost everybody stood up and jostled to the front railings. It just wasn’t possible to sit through the concert. The tracklist was amazing, and the crowd was awesome. I danced and bounced and jumped and screamed and sang and just absorbed everything throughout the whole 2 hours.

I think the best part of the night was when Don’t You Worry Child, where everyone started singing and I was just so touched. Obviously I was happily singing along as well, but it was was really a feeling of 感動 (kandou). You really had to be present to understand the magic of it all. That one point in time where everybody was united. Feeling the music course through your veins.

Okay I think I’m starting to sound a bit overdramatic. I’ll let this fancam (not taken by me) speak for itself.

17 January 2013. A night to remember. I hope house music continues to flourish ♥

We came. We raved. We loved. #onelasttour