18. Shopping in Bangkok

So Gweena and I went to Bangkok for a short getaway, and I ended up buying a lot of stuff >_< Most of the stuff I got was from Platinum Shopping Mall! Went to MBK too but the stuff there was so expensive! My recommendation for shopping (clothes) would be just Platinum and the weekend Chatuchak Market. You can find a lot of cheap buys for fashionable clohes.

Also, there are several brands which I particularly liked. First would be Love Cholic, which is a shop tucked in a corner somewhere on the 4th or 5th floor of Platinum Shopping Mall Zone 1/2. The shopkeeper owns the shop and she designs all her clothes! Prices range at around 200 to 350 baht, depending on the type of clothes. Doesn't hurt that the shopkeeper is a nice person as well.

Next is 9 to five, a shoes brand found in the 4th floor of Platinum Shopping Mall Zone 3. Their flats are soooooo cute. As you can see below, I got a pair of red and white striped flats as well as flats in a lovely blue colour. Gwen got wedges from them too!

Last is a brand called Sheep. I saw at least 2 stalls in Chatuchak selling the same brand, but prices are different so try to see if you can find the cheaper shop! The one I bought from sold dresses at 200 baht each, and if I bought 2 it'll be 380 baht. I liked the style of the dresses there, and would have bought more if not for the fact that I was close to broke already.

So, moving on to what I got:
Clockwise from top left
1. Black and brown dress. Platinum Shopping Mall. 10 SGD.
2. Grey dress. Chatuchak Market. Sheep. 8.3 SGD.
3. Floral dress. Platinum Shopping Mall. 10 SGD.
4. Red striped bag. Platinum Shopping Mall. 6.2 SGD
5. Brown shorts. Siam Paragon Uniqlo. 7.75 SGD
6. Coral shorts. Chatuchak Market. 8.3 SGD
7. Denim shorts. Roadside stall. 4.1 SGD
8. USA shorts. Chatuchak Market. 4.1 SGD
9. Mustard skirt. Platinum Shopping Mall. Love Cholic. 8.3 SGD
10. Black, brown heels. Platinum Shopping Mall. 5 SGD each
11. Red, blue flats. Platinum Shopping Mall. 9 to five. 10 SGD each
12. Star top, cat top. Roadside stall. 3 SGD each
13. Grey top. Platinum Shopping Mall. Love Cholic. 8.3 SGD

Of course, there are also many many many good shops and brands which I’ve either forgotten or did not manage to find. But buying clothes there is very practical for me because it’s not only cheap, looks good, but is also perfect for Singapore’s weather haha.